Just a girl and her dog

People sometimes say when you rescue a dog, you don’t know what problems you might be taking on. Personally, while I see their point, I do think reducing a dog to his past experience is only half the story. Just like people, there’s the nature vs. nurture element. Maybe the rescue had a rough beginning, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a sweetheart of a … Continue reading Just a girl and her dog

Pick a card. Any card.

So I just decided I’m not sending out Christmas cards this year. If we’ve known each other for a long time, you are well aware that I’ve always been unreliable in this regard. I’m surprised anyone sends me Christmas cards, ever, because you can’t count on me to reciprocate from one year to the next. It’s a crap shoot. Here’s Richie with my array of … Continue reading Pick a card. Any card.

Christmas Crack and cards and caffeine crazy

It’s Sunday and having consumed an eight-cup pot of coffee, I am finally going to tackle a few holiday chores after I write this post and when the risk of tachycardia has passed. I could jump right into the chores, but one thing I’ve learned is that if I have even the vaguest urge to write, I’d better do that first. Never squander the inclination to … Continue reading Christmas Crack and cards and caffeine crazy

A Christmas political miracle

Bleary-eyed, I scraped some of the burnt crumbs off my toast this morning, then slapped on a dab of peanut butter and, lo and behold . . . a Christmas Miracle! Is it the Virgin Mary? Jesus himself? Scraps of bread and gnarly root vegetables bearing holy images go for big bucks on eBay, and who can’t use some extra cash around the holidays? No. … Continue reading A Christmas political miracle

How to scare an intruder or get a gazillion likes on Facebook

Have you ever commented on a Facebook post and wish you hadn’t? I guess if you’re on Facebook at all, that had to have happened at one time or another (or another dozen times or so). Here’s what happened. There’s a Facebook page called “The 411 for Madison” and last summer a guy suggested keeping your car keys by your bed and hitting the alarm … Continue reading How to scare an intruder or get a gazillion likes on Facebook