Oh, I’m back in the saddle agaaaaaaaaaaain!

See? See? It worked!

Yee ha, buckaroos! Please note, I would never, ever, ever own a gun, let alone wave it around while riding a horse. Just want to make that clear.
Yeehaw, buckaroos! Please note, I would never, ever, ever own a gun, let alone wave it around while riding a horse. Just want to make that clear.

I wrote the most pitiful post ever yesterday and today I am – drum roll, please – writing again. Visit my “real blog,” weheartricksteves, to read my first post about the trip to Alsace with my intrepid buddy, Sue Brooks.

Here’s what I finally figured out. You may say, well, DUH, Kate. What the hell?! But here it is:  I am a morning person. I am most creative and energetic early in the day. As the hours and minutes tick by, I become progressively duller and slower (unless fueled up with a cocktail in the evening, at which time, one little drink can get me all riled up and chatty again).

Although my poor relatives came over via Ellis Island and were most certainly of peasant stock from various parts of Europe, somehow I acquired (by osmosis?) a singularly Puritan work ethic. I get up, and after breakfast, I jump in the shower then promptly sit at the computer by 8:30 (well, 8:30-ish these days) to answer emails, pay bills, and generally do whatever is expected to be a responsible business owner, head of household, and generally productive member of society.

After I finished doing my REAL WORK, I would allow myself to consider writing. But by then, the bloom was off this chunky old rose. I didn’t feel like being funny, or not in any (there’s that word again) productive manner.

Well, I’m turning a new leaf. (More botanical references) This morning I grabbed my first cup of coffee and sat down to write. I finished the pot, taking a break to feed my ever-patient pups, and wrote and wrote and wrote. It is now 11:15 and I am still in my nightgown and I’m still writing and dammit – I’m not going to feel guilty about it! To hell with you, Puritans! This is the new plan!

Not that I think my clients pay any attention whatsoever to my blogs, but on the off chance someone from Rite Aid or NCAN reads this, don’t worry. I’m there for you, my darlings. Until retirement shall we part.

So that’s it, mes amies (that’s “my friends” in French and you can read all about my BEST TRIP EVER to France on my travel blog in the weeks ahead). I will now mosey on in to the shower and since I’m feeling so damned full of myself right now, I will even take the boys for a little stroll before lunch (and before it gets too freaking hot and humid to even consider it).

Have a great weekend!

5 thoughts on “Oh, I’m back in the saddle agaaaaaaaaaaain!

  1. I think your new plan is excellent! Who says you have to be showered and in street clothes to work from home! And it worked…I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog this morning!

    1. OMG! A comment from ANONYMOUS! Thank you, pardner! And no, you guys, that was NOT my mom commenting under an alias.

  2. I love your writing style. I like your topics. You seem familiar. That has to be the best proof of good writing–that I think I might know you already. And I’m jealous. You’re just like me only better, because you write, I imagine, much like you talk, and it is interesting and fun to read. Also, I work from home and in spite of five years of promising myself that I’ll do actual work before I write each morning, I just write, and write, and read, and search for something meaningful to write about and for that person who will say, “Look, you need to write about ______ and then submit it to _____ for immediate publication because you’re just floundering around right now and wasting talent.” So, maybe I’ve found you for that reason. Not that you’ll tell me what to write or where to submit it, but that it’s okay to just write in my own voice about my own facial hairs and fat ass and whether or not I should shower before or after I start writing. Anyway, I’ve followed this blog and will check your others. I’m glad I found you.

    1. Thank you so much. I am not just like you but better. You are you and you, my friend, are writing EVERY DAY and that is far better than I am doing! That is what I know I need to strive for. Finding “my voice” so late in life is like getting ice skates for Christmas, but they didn’t arrive until late February. I’m delighted and grateful, but I feel like I’m skating on thin ice and have no more idea how to get serious, get published, maybe even write a novel (I have the kernel of an idea) . . . . So on good days I have this dream of being the Grandma Moses of writing funny stuff. I will encourage you if you’ll consider kicking my ass every now and then when no words are appearing anywhere. What do you think? I’ll email you. Thanks again for making me feel today like there could maybe be more to this than writing in my blogs. I tried going to bzirkworld.com but got something saying the name was available for a website. So let’s write! Good luck!

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