If you look up the definition of “procrastination” in the dictionary . . .

. . . you’ll see my picture next to the description.

Oh, man. I hate the beginning of this post already. So my first inclination is to delete it and maybe try writing again tomorrow.

See what I mean? Think Little Engine That Could.

Little Engine That Could

Does anyone else find it hard to get back to LIFE after a big event? Since returning from France I’ve been catching up on work and cleaning the house and weeding and trying to address just about everything that needed attention – as long as it didn’t require any creative effort.

If this post were a person, she’d be walking around with a big “L” on her forehead. Get your act together, cupcake.

Please don’t feel obligated to comment on this. In fact, I’m going to pretend absolutely no one will see this but me and that it is simply a pitiful push to get going again, no matter what. Fingers on the keyboard again. It can only get better.

2 thoughts on “If you look up the definition of “procrastination” in the dictionary . . .

  1. What? NOT COMMENT? Think again, cupcake! You just beautifully described how I feel most days….thank you for that. I love your words, so keep ’em coming. I wanna hear about France!

    1. Thank you, Kari! I figure at least I wrote SOME damn thing today, right? Why is the witty dialogue in my head never ready when I sit down in front of the computer?

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