Hoping my mojo finally discovered my forwarding address

Somehow when I decided to look for a new place to live, I focused so intently on that task that I completely lost my interest in writing. My mojo went house hunting, then house buying, then packing, unpacking, and so on. Perhaps because in retirement there’s so little real pressure on how I spend my days, I’ve lost the knack of multitasking. If I accomplish … Continue reading Hoping my mojo finally discovered my forwarding address

Mysterious travel socks because, why not?

It doesn’t take much to amuse me. Plus, I’m retired. Spending the morning thinking about, taking pictures of, and now writing about my socks does not seem like a completely pitiful waste of time. I mean, it’s definitely a questionable use of my time, but not a complete waste since I’m entertaining myself and not rummaging around in the kitchen for a snack. That’s how … Continue reading Mysterious travel socks because, why not?

Breda’s gaze

It’s interesting traveling to a foreign country where English is the primary language. You might assume that communication won’t be an issue, but the different accents and slang can at times make you wonder if you’re speaking the same language at all. Case in point, in October I traveled to Northern Ireland to meet my friend Bernadette. She was born in Northern Ireland but has … Continue reading Breda’s gaze

Why I’m not sad about sex

Do you have Facebook friends you’ve never met? I do. Mostly they’re friends of friends I’ve met through writing, specifically at Erma Bombeck Humor Writers workshops. Usually I read something funny, laugh and comment, connect, and there you go. I also have some “friends” who I honestly don’t remember at all. It may be time to weed out the list, I’m thinking. If I were … Continue reading Why I’m not sad about sex

Amy Schumer and me

We could be twins. Yes. Amy’s hilarious. I’m sporadically funny. Amy is young and blonde and a tad chunky. I’m old, dyed-brown-over-gray, and morbidly obese. Amy is wildly successful, talented, and rich. I was as successful as I wanted to be, have some skills, and can afford now to retire, albeit modestly. And we’re both unlikely introverts. Just. The. Same. I’m on this little fantasy … Continue reading Amy Schumer and me