Hoping my mojo finally discovered my forwarding address

Somehow when I decided to look for a new place to live, I focused so intently on that task that I completely lost my interest in writing. My mojo went house hunting, then house buying, then packing, unpacking, and so on.

Perhaps because in retirement there’s so little real pressure on how I spend my days, I’ve lost the knack of multitasking. If I accomplish one or two things, I am content with my productivity for that particular day. Do laundry? And pay bills and take the dogs to the park? Must be time for a nap followed by reading, heating up leftovers for dinner, and catching up on whatever I’ve recorded on the DVR before heading to bed.

Before the sluggishness set in, I’d even contacted an old business friend searching for someone to help redesign my blog site, including merging my old travel blog (www.weheartricksteves.com) with this one. But I was no sooner introduced to a young computer wizard than my offer on the condo was accepted and my life was overtaken with choosing new flooring and evaluating shades of white paint swatches. Then there was a gas leak between the walls after I moved in, and the ongoing saga of getting a fence installed, plus plumbing issues and . . . oops. Now we’re smack dab in the middle of the holiday season.

I bought a Kitchen Aid mixer in my favorite shade of aqua and am distancing myself even further from writing by attempting to replicate cookie recipes seen on the Food network. If those ten year old wunderkinds can whip out perfect French macarons while competing on the Kids Baking Championship, then I have to believe that this skill is not totally beyond my own capabilities. Stay tuned on that.

Pretty, right?

Thanks to the fence situation, I cancelled a Road Scholar trip to Jekyll Island before Thanksgiving to attend a watercolor workshop. It was the right thing to do, in the end. Otherwise I might still have a pile of vinyl planks stacked up on the patio, waiting for a contractor to take pity on me and finish the job before the snow flies in earnest. But, also stay tuned for my attempts to teach myself watercolor painting in the new year. Unless the fence falls down or some other minor household catastrophe distracts me from that, too.

This is a pitiful little blog post. It doesn’t say much and isn’t particularly entertaining. But it’s something. It’s fingers tapping keys. Mind composing sentences. I’m going to be optimistic and call it my writing mojo tip-toeing back into my life.

15 thoughts on “Hoping my mojo finally discovered my forwarding address

  1. Hi Kate, hope you are now settled in your new home and in the holiday mode. Moving is a lot and you have made several moves rather recently. I’m doing pretty well. My back surgery was now over a month ago. Time flew by. I start PT today and because of the 6 weeks of PT required I’ve decided not to come to Ohio for Christmas. This will be my first Christmas without my mom or family. I’m decorating my home trying to get in the holiday spirit. I hope you are loving your place. Merry Christmas!

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    1. Mary, I have thought of you often and in addition to being preoccupied with moving, I’ve been a terrible friend. I’m so sorry you’ve been through such an ordeal but am glad you’re on the mend. I do love my place and hope your first Christmas without family will be wonderful in a totally new and unexpected way.

  2. Oh, so that’s where you’ve been. I thought it was something I said….. Seriously, I’m writing again too. And doing some Christmas baking. But the baking is one failure after another, so I guess I did lose my mojo in that arena.

    1. Jane, I made rugelach! It’s not pretty, but it’s pretty freaking delicious, if I do say so. Next – macarons. I am not even that crazy about macarons, other than the fact they’re so PRETTY. Let’s keep writing and baking and talking, my friend – XOXO.

  3. Hi Kate. It’s always enjoyable to hear what you are doing, whether it’s a fabulous international trip or just everyday life. We have all been where you are but kudos to you for writing again…even if it “doesn’t say much”. It said enough to make me smile and think of you. Love you my friend.

    Oh, and I am so jealous of your beautiful new Kitchenaid!

      1. You can tell someone is a true friend when your homemade pastry resembles goat turds and she still gives it rave reviews. Thanks, Chris! XOXO!

  4. Love that you are back writing again, Cuz!! And you perfectly describe some of my retirement days!!! Kudos for the baking projects—impressive! Hope you are loving your new place! Give the boys a hug from me!!

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