Help, help me @Rhonda!

Okay. So I’m old. There are three technical-type things I am seeing everywhere and yes – I admit it – I don’t know what they are or how to use them. Will someone please explain:

@whatever – What does it mean, how do you use it?

#somethingelse – Ditto.

Meme – What is it? I have friends even older than I am referring to memes on their Facebook posts, so I’d just like to know. Consider me educable.

On another note, for those who wonder (since I have taken to using this blog primarily to talk about my dogs) – the boys are fine. We just got back from a walk, which they always love. It was a two-bag stroll, and I’m always pleased about that. Small treats were distributed.

sunny day May 13

Hope you have a great long weekend!

2 responses to “Help, help me @Rhonda!

  1. So, what? No one responded. Okay, you got me. @somebody is to someone on twitter. if you used twitter and sent a tweet to @thetimefinder I would receive it. #something is a reference. for example, if you want to know what people are saying about, say, the housewives of atlanta, you would go to the twitter search box and enter #(called a hashtag)housewivesofatlanta. you can put a hashtag in front of just about anything and search to see what’s being tweeted or start one yourself. #katemahar for example. and i think meme means message me. there, i did it. i only consulted one of my daughters and then only to clarify and make sure i was correct. yah! and for the record, i am not older than you but feel like it sometimes. call me!

    • Cindy Lou! You’re alive! Yes, we must talk soon. So much to catch up on! Thank you VERY much (and whichever lovely daughter helped) for the explanation. I need to get on Twitter. Tried it before but didn’t see the point. Now I have a new venture (yes, I told you there was much for us to share!) and want to use it as one way of promoting the TOUR TO ENGLAND (yes!) for a felting workshop and much more! Talk soon – love you!

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