Help, help me @Rhonda!

Okay. So I’m old. There are three technical-type things I am seeing everywhere and yes – I admit it – I don’t know what they are or how to use them. Will someone please explain:

@whatever – What does it mean, how do you use it?

#somethingelse – Ditto.

Meme – What is it? I have friends even older than I am referring to memes on their Facebook posts, so I’d just like to know. Consider me educable.

On another note, for those who wonder (since I have taken to using this blog primarily to talk about my dogs) – the boys are fine. We just got back from a walk, which they always love. It was a two-bag stroll, and I’m always pleased about that. Small treats were distributed.

sunny day May 13

Hope you have a great long weekend!

2 thoughts on “Help, help me @Rhonda!

  1. So, what? No one responded. Okay, you got me. @somebody is to someone on twitter. if you used twitter and sent a tweet to @thetimefinder I would receive it. #something is a reference. for example, if you want to know what people are saying about, say, the housewives of atlanta, you would go to the twitter search box and enter #(called a hashtag)housewivesofatlanta. you can put a hashtag in front of just about anything and search to see what’s being tweeted or start one yourself. #katemahar for example. and i think meme means message me. there, i did it. i only consulted one of my daughters and then only to clarify and make sure i was correct. yah! and for the record, i am not older than you but feel like it sometimes. call me!

    1. Cindy Lou! You’re alive! Yes, we must talk soon. So much to catch up on! Thank you VERY much (and whichever lovely daughter helped) for the explanation. I need to get on Twitter. Tried it before but didn’t see the point. Now I have a new venture (yes, I told you there was much for us to share!) and want to use it as one way of promoting the TOUR TO ENGLAND (yes!) for a felting workshop and much more! Talk soon – love you!

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