A dachshund walks into a bar . . .

Do weird, random thoughts ever come into your head? Of course they do. Happens to all of us, right?

Right. Although it seems to happen to me A LOT. Anyway . . .

So, I’m driving home from Giant Eagle and I remember the punchline to a joke my dad told about a horse walking into a bar. I don’t remember the rest of the joke, so I started thinking about what story could end with that punchline.

So this is my version of the joke, starring my own adorable rock star dachshund, Mick Jagger:

Mick Jagger, the rock star dachshund
Mick Jagger, the rock star dachshund

Mick walks into a bar, hops up on a stool and orders a beer (dachshunds are German, so that only makes sense).

The bartender says, “Hey, Mick, how ya doin’?”

Mick takes a sip and replies, “Good, good. Got off the leash today and here I am!”

“How’s Kate treating you, Mick? Everything good at home?”

“Seriously?” Mick replies. “I’ve got it so good there. Plenty to eat, lots of toys, cozy spots for  naps, and my own private doggie door so I can go outside to do my business whenever I feel like it. Yeah, living with Kate is great.”

The bartender says, “Then, is Little Richard giving you grief or something?”

“Ha! That little twerp? Nah. You know how flighty terriers can be, but he’s actually a lot of laughs. He also pretty much goes along with whatever I want to do, so I’m happy he moved in with us.”

“So, there’s nothing wrong, Mick?

A puzzled Mick replies, “Uh, no. What makes you ask?”

And the bartender answers, “Well, if everything’s okay, I was just wondering – why the long face?”

The End

2 thoughts on “A dachshund walks into a bar . . .

  1. That IS the horse joke; my husband tells it all the time.
    “So this horse walks into a bar…..and the bartender says, ‘hey, why the long face?’
    The other one is “So this ham sandwich walks into a bar, and the bartender says, ‘sorry, we don’t serve food here.’
    These we thought, were old barber jokes. Apparently old lawyer jokes as well? 🙂

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