Dancing with dogs

Okay, am I the only one out there who sings to and dances with her dogs?

I think not.

I may be, however, one of the few people goofy enough to write about it in a blog.

Here’s how it started. I was drinking my coffee, reading Facebook posts, when I came across one from Patti S. who is currently basking in the sun, sea, sand (and probably a little vino) at her oceanfront condo on the Outer Banks. Nice.

Shortly after, my mind made the leap to composing a post I want to write about bidets on my travel blog, http://www.weheartricksteves.com. Yeah, I know. Stay with me and join me on this train of thought:  you get sore feet when you’re sightseeing if you don’t wear good walking shoes; women who want to look hot may choose fashion over function; the bidet in your hotel bathroom in Europe is the ideal place to soak your hot, blistering tootsies.

Then: women who hope to find Mr. Right may choose to look cute wearing fashionable, impractical footwear; women around my age also may choose to go on a European river cruise (awesome way to travel); these same women may even hope to meet a great guy on the river cruise. Thus . . . Jan and Dean’s iconic ’60s hit, “Surf City,” popped into my head, which starts with the line, “Two girls for every boy . . . ”

(As an aside:  if you are a woman of a certain age and hope to meet a man on a European river cruise, I would say you’d have better odds showing up at a local high school football game. Two girls for every boy? Mmm. More like TEN.)

Dancing makes us tired
Dancing makes us tired

Next thing you know, I was singing “Surf City” and dancing around in my bathrobe, which entertained the pups to no end. They jumped on me and each other and I took turns holding their front paws and waltzing them around the kitchen. They loved it. Me, too. Great way to start the day.

How is it that we can remember the lyrics of songs from our youth, but can’t remember five items if we go to the grocery store without the list?

Hope your day is a good one, too.

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