Mick Jagger coming to stay

Well, not THE Mick Jagger, but I have decided to name my new dog Mick Jagger. Mick is coming home with me tomorrow afternoon and I am so excited! Spent a fortune at PetSmart yesterday. Favorite purchase:  leash with skull and cross bone motif. I thought that was appropriate for a dog named Mick Jagger, although it would have been more so had I named him Keith Richards.

Anyway, Mick is a rescue dog that I am adopting from the Weiner Brigade. He is about two years old and is a miniature, long haired dachshund. If there were such a thing as a medium-haired dachshund, he’d actually be that. He’s just fluffy enough to meet my heart’s desire for a fluffy dog, but his hair isn’t nearly as long as I’ve seen on some doxies.

Why Mick Jagger, Well, as I was visiting and meeting him on Saturday, he was dashing around with the other dogs, having a blast. Every once in a while he’d puff out his chest, perk up his ears, and strut around like a little rock star!

Plus – if my old dog Sam (an 80 lb. mutt who died about five years ago) was reincarnated as a teensy dachshund – he’d look just like Mick! It was too much. He had me at “woof.”

One thought on “Mick Jagger coming to stay

  1. Thanks for introducing me to Mick. He certainly deserves the name. He is far too sweet for the skull and crossbones but I love the contrast or is it irony? Well done, Miss Kate.

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