Almost more about Mick, but then not so much

I’ve been experimenting with my camera and Windows Live Movie Maker. I really want to film places and people on my upcoming trip, but decided to practice with Mick, the rock star dachshund, first.

The video is really lame. But – the great news is I learned how incredibly easy it is  to edit (in a very basic fashion, of course) whatever I film in the Windows program and then post it to Facebook or YouTube, or just save it under Videos in My Library (never even noticed that videos existed before).

Okay, so now let’s see if I can embed this video in today’s blog post:

Well, that didn’t work. I tried to upload it from the computer. Since I saved it to YouTube, let’s see if that works:

Nope. Apparently you need to pay extra for a video upgrade, which I guess I’ll do and come back later. On another note, why do people designing websites insist on using pale fonts – really light gray, or green, (this means you, Huntington Bank) or whatever  – in teeny, tiny print and expect anyone over the age of 40 to read the damn things. That’s where it lists, as the little spinning thing appears to be trying to upload the video, the files you’re allowed to upload. And it does not include .wmv. Fine.

Oops. That’s $60 a year to embed videos. Um, I don’t think so. I will be doing that on my travel blog, but at the moment, I don’t see the point in having it here.

Sorry. You will not get to see the lame video of Mick Jagger unless you look for it on YouTube. If I can ever find it again there . . . I’ll see if WordPress lets me put in a link. If I’m only semi-proficient with blogs and tweets and all this stuff, is the glass half full, or am I closer to empty-headed?

2 thoughts on “Almost more about Mick, but then not so much

  1. You are a trouper for trying. You might be able to save the movie in a different format in Microsoft but probably not. These software companies can be very proprietary. So where is Little Kate????

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