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To Blue Apron, or not to Blue Apron – update

It’s Monday evening. I was going to make the last Blue Apron entree for lunch, but I wasn’t hungry.

Then I was going to make it for dinner, but now I don’t feel like cooking.

Blue Apron may be great, but what I really want is a delivery service of homemade food – already prepared and ready to eat. Not pizza. Not Chinese. Not subs or burgers or buckets of chicken. Real food, with veggies and and the whole shebang, ready to eat.


When it’s my turn, sometimes I will make my brother-in-law’s awesome enchiladas and add a salad and maybe a serving of Spanish rice on the side.

I’ve thought about trying to start a kind of dinner co-op. Get maybe four people together and each of us would cook once a week with enough entrees for four. On the night you cook, you deliver dinner to the other three people. On the next three nights, dinner is dropped off for you.

I would so do this. Anybody around here interested?