Choosing legitimate news

Today an old friend reprimanded me on Facebook for posting an editorial from the Cleveland Plain Dealer. The essay suggests that Donald Trump’s charitable foundation was likely used for frivolous things like buying a portrait of Trump for display in one of the Trump properties, to more serious infractions like donating funds to a Republican candidate running for an office in Florida.

(I’m no expert, but apparently those things are illegal for nonprofits. So – yikes.)

The essay was written originally for the venerable New York Times by Phillip Hackney, who is a former attorney for the chief counsel of the I.R.S. specializing in nonprofit organizations. The writer appears to be a knowledgeable source and I would unhesitatingly call the New York Times, along with the Plain Dealer, a legitimate news source.

But this is the era of “fake news,” as frequently proclaimed by the president. Right?

Well, I say:

How dare he?

These are news organizations that kept our country informed for over a century as our nation suffered through wars and natural disasters and tragedies. They’ve faithfully reported triumphs like the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of school segregation. They search for and hire dedicated professionals who sometimes put their own lives in danger to witness and write about what is happening in the world.

Yet, we’re supposed to believe, according to Donald Trump, that a majority of news sources, both in the U.S. and around the world, have gone rogue to attempt to coerce people to think badly of Trump and his administration?

Can’t trust ‘em.

New York Times? Washington Post (and COUNTLESS other publications)?  CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS? And those left-wingers at NPR and PBS?

Liars? Every damn one of them?

If you believe that . . . if you really, truly believe that . . . have you ever asked yourself why? What would all of these news organizations gain by banding together to lie about Donald Trump? Or about what’s happening with Congress or the NRA or our Mexican border, or . . . well, we can go on and on, can’t we?

I could understand it if, oh, let’s say just the Washington Post hated Trump for whatever reason. You’d have to dismiss that one paper as a fluke. I would.

But, my Trump-supporting friends and family, it’s not ONE newspaper. It’s not only CNN. Look at the numbers! Do you care at all that the MAJORITY of long-established news organizations are basically saying the same thing?

And do you honestly think anyone, and I mean ANYONE, is HAPPY that the Trump administration is even worse than what many people feared it could be before he ever moved to Washington?

I’m not. I would have been delighted to have made a mistake about his character and intent. What a relief that would have been!

But. I. Didn’t.

I’m not going to list all the reasons why I think Donald Trump may be the worst thing that ever happened to our country. If you voted for him and haven’t figured it out yet for yourself, then you’re part of the problem, too.

As I told my friend on Facebook, I will always wish her well. I sincerely mean that. I will continue to care for and love the handful of close friends and family members who are still deluded by this man.

But wake up and smell the coffee, folks. When all the legitimate news sources, around the world, agree on this subject, why are you wasting your time and misguided loyalty reading propaganda?

It takes a big person to admit they’ve been duped.  Forget about any idiot (yeah, there are idiots on both sides) who might enjoy gloating over your mistake.

I, for one, would just like to shake the hand of anyone ready to raise their hand say . . .

Yup. He got me for awhile. Now what can I do help turn this country back around?

10 thoughts on “Choosing legitimate news

    1. Thanks, Lea! Did I ever tell you that after the river cruise, Carol completely dumped me?! I think that’s actually your fault. Hahahahahahahhahahaha!

      1. OMG… really? I am so sorry… but maybe you have other friends that are better for you !! Also… Trumps insane and his followers must also be a wee bit nuts too !! Soooooo maybe I just saved you ! 😝

      2. No regrets, Lea – and maybe you did! 🙂 And you know I was joking, right? I don’t blame you at all! I about choked on my wine at dinner when you blasted Trump, but I was thinking inside, “YAY, Lea – go for it!’

  1. It’s so hard not to have an opinion. I can see that Trump advocates really thought this would be a good thing. He might be ankle deep in political doo-doo, but at least he wasn’t knee deep….like lifers. And, he was a good businessman, right? Never having looked into what he really has been about, he appears to have done alright for himself. A good business plan might just be what we need. But who could have imagined the shit show that is being enacted right before our eyes… (I don’t even watch it, listen to it, read about it and it’s still obvious…and a little scary.)

    All I can do is know, actually KNOW, that it will be okay. Nothing is ever WRONG, just the way I look at it may be. So I’ll just not look at it at all today and get on with my life. Hey! The grandkids are coming to the lake this weekend….Donald Trump isn’t even in the picture….unless he can divert any possible bad weather heading my way for the next three days.

    1. I love that, Sheryl. It’s a shit show, for sure! But you’re right. As I commented to another friend yesterday, there are times when I am drawn into whatever is happening and I believe in my responsibility to do what I can. But – what I CAN do is very limited. In the meantime, this president and Congress and everything happening right now doesn’t define my life or dictate whether or not I can be happy and appreciative for all that is good in my life. Life is short – and this, too, shall pass. I hope you have a wonderful weekend with the kids and beautiful weather to enjoy some summer fun!

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