Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or Cleveland, or anywhere else. I’m fine, boo!

Last night two dear friends said things to me that I found so perplexing, I had to go back and read my last few blog posts this morning. This is just a short note to all and sundry to let you know that life is good and, please, don’t take my self-deprecatory humor to heart.

So, at a class dinner, Brenda said she loves my writing and that I was “so brave.” Wait, what? Brave? I gave her a hug (I was about to head home) and thanked her, but was puzzled about the “brave” part. Brenda is great, by the way. We’re trying to figure out how we missed out on being besties in high school.

Then, I got home and called Ginny to try to meet for lunch today. I told her what Brenda said about me being brave, and Ginny said, well, there was something she’d been wanting to tell me, too. She said she loves my writing, but that she wants me to stop making fun of myself or people will get the wrong idea and think I’m down on myself for being old and fat.

Now, Ginny is my adorable, protective friend of twenty-plus years and I know she would walk on glass for me. She doesn’t want me to think of myself in a negative way, nor does she want anyone else to even consider thinking I am anything less than fabulous. She was annoyed with me for putting myself down!

I hope you have friends like mine (and I have MORE amazing girlfriends, too)! Aren’t they wonderful?

So this is just a little note to my darling Brenda and Ginny and anyone else who cares to tell you – don’t worry! I actually like myself better now than ever before in my life. In my mind, that gives me license to laugh at the challenges of buying clothes for short, chubby gals and to call myself “old” when, in truth, I feel anything but.

Sue and I enjoying cafe au lait and croissants in France two years ago. Can’t wait for our adventure in Italy this fall! Life is GOOD!

The Boys (my dogs) and I just got back from our morning walk. Little Richard, the possible Morkie, is a slim, trim little terrier. Mick Jagger, my long haired dachshund, is a chubby fellow who really needs to reduce to a healthier weight. Consequently, the daily walks are intended to get us both in better shape. We aren’t likely to reach Richie’s doggie equivalent of Magic Mike’s physique, but Mick and I are getting healthier. This will allow him to more effectively terrorize the squirrels who dare venture into our back yard, and I will be better able to keep up with my buddy, Sue, when we explore Tuscany in October. It helps to have a big reward, right? Carrot (or better yet, carrot cake) on a stick?

So, don’t worry, my friends! And if you’re feeling old, remember this:  you will never again be as young as you are today. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or Cleveland, or anywhere else. I’m fine, boo!

  1. Love your blog Kate!! I have worked in women’s retail for many years and have listened to countless women express the same feelings towards the fits of clothing. I myself can’t understand why tank style tops always have to have such long straps…totally annoying !!! So thanks for putting words to the plight of so many women ❤ Also…I hope you and Sue have a fabulous trip and know that I am so jealous 🤗

    1. Thank you, Lea! Instead of “one size fits all” the tag should say “one size fits a couple here and there.” Are you going to Crete? I am jealous any time my friends go ANYWHERE! I need MO MONEY! XOXO

  2. I think self deprecating humor is the best because it doesn’t put anyone else down and there is going to be someone who will relate to your dilemma and find themselves laughing at themselves. The trick to a happy life is not to take yourself seriously and this kind of humor helps. Your friends are sweet. Glad you were able to clear things up for them. Have fun in Tuscany!

  3. I totally get and love your humor. I spent 35 years self-deprecating to give kids permission to make fun of me but not each other, AND I could pout if they crossed the line and I could teach them boundaries.

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