A Christmas political miracle

Bleary-eyed, I scraped some of the burnt crumbs off my toast this morning, then slapped on a dab of peanut butter and, lo and behold . . . a Christmas Miracle! Is it the Virgin Mary? Jesus himself? Scraps of bread and gnarly root vegetables bearing holy images go for big bucks on eBay, and who can’t use some extra cash around the holidays? No. … Continue reading A Christmas political miracle

My eyebrows and Donald Trump

A few years ago, my son took me aside and gently said, “Mom. You really should stop plucking your eyebrows.” I said, “Chris. I haven’t plucked my eyebrows since the ninth grade.” Had I known at 14 that experimenting with hair removal would result in the skimpy bits of hair left on my brow today, trust me; I would not have plucked them at all. … Continue reading My eyebrows and Donald Trump