Meet Kate:

The first time I wrote about myself maybe eight years ago or so, I thought my blog would kind of be an online portfolio of my freelance work. I could direct anyone thinking of hiring me to write about storm doors or LGBT nursing homes here to see my writing style, click on links to other freelance pieces I’d written, and decide whether or not I was up to the job.

As I update this today in early 2018, I am delighted to say that I am no longer seeking freelance writing opportunities. I don’t want to research and write about storm doors. I hope there are some really cool, caring LGBT nursing homes out there, but I will not be the person to find them and report on how they’re doing. For anyone fearing retirement, I’m happy to tell you that there can be a freedom associated with getting older that is downright intoxicating. And – I’ve got an idea for a nonfiction book I’ll start working on when I do retire before summer of this year. Life is good!

Rich and Stripy
Since my dachshund Mick Jagger is featured with me on the heading, it didn’t seem fair to leave Little Richard out. Here he is with his Stripey. Yes. There will be dog stories.

No, I am happy to say that this blog is now ALL ABOUT ME. That’s right. It’s the Kate Mahar show, frequently peppered with inappropriate comments, and mostly about things that make me laugh (and hopefully, make you laugh, too).

I am not going to be politically correct. I aspire to be the Grandma Moses/Amy Schumer of blogging. Having said that, I will probably not write about everything that comes to mind because my sweet mother is still alive and reading this, and I wouldn’t want to embarrass my gorgeous son, either. I will have to consider creating an anonymous blog if I eventually feel compelled to discuss the funny side of parched, post-menopausal vaginas and such. I will let you know privately if the x-rated, anonymous blog ever comes about.

For now, here I am. And I’m thrilled that you’re reading this. Thanks for stopping by!

Kate 1

One thought on “Meet Kate:

  1. Hi Kate,

    I am contacting you regarding a potential freelance opportunity with Golf Canada magazine. We are the official magazine of the Royal Canadian Golf Association with a circulation of over 133,000 Canadian golfers. We’re planning a piece called, “Tournament Tips – Golf Canada’s Guide to Hosting a Tournament.”

    Based on your profile, we thought this would be right your ally!

    Can you let me know your current rate is and if you’re interested in the assignment.

    Apologies for contacting you this way, but there is no contact information on your blog!

    Thanks in advance,


    Stacy Bradshaw | 360° Digital Director
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
    Chill Media Inc.
    77 John Street, Suite 4, Oakville, ON
    Canada, L6K 3W3
    p. 905.337.1886. X 268
    f. 905.337.1887

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