Going from here, to there

Hi everyone. I’m here briefly today to tell you about my new blog, Where My Girlfriends Go.  I’ve created it as a webpage, but if anyone has suggestions on how I can also share this on WordPress, please let me know. Here’s my promo video (it was so much fun to make!):

This new venture is my retirement project (although I’m not retired yet – I’m segueing into that!). I had the idea of exploring new places, activities, restaurants, etc., with my friends, then sharing that information in case others would like to do the same. This gives me a great excuse to spend time with dear friends while looking for new experiences to keep life interesting.

I’m also inviting friends (and friends of friends!) to be “Guest Girlfriends.” I’m expecting a story any day now from my friend Kari Lynn Collins about her girlfriends in Texas. Thanks in advance for being my first Guest Girlfriend, Kari! Are you interested in sharing a Girlfriend story? I’d love to hear from you . . . !

I’ll be writing about my little adventures here in Northeastern Ohio as well as in other spots I’m lucky enough to visit. I’ll be spending two weeks in Italy with my friend Sue, so we should have a number of great stories to share for anyone interested in traveling to Tuscany (in person, or via armchair).

What that means for this site is that I probably won’t be writing much here for a while – at least as long as it takes to get comfortable in my new online “home.” I see this site as a very different outlet for my writing, so I’m sure I’ll be back. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

In the meantime, I do hope you’ll check out Where My Girlfriends Go. And the easiest way to get updates for those posts will be to follow the site on Facebook:  Where My Girlfriends Go – Facebook.

Thanks so much – hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “Going from here, to there

  1. Thanks, Molly! Traveling to New England (I’ve only been in Boston on business – once) is on my Must See list. If you won’t travel with me, I may have to travel to YOU!

  2. Hi Kate, love the name of ur new site! I’m going to Rome, Malta, Israel and Athens in mid October. I don’t use all the social sites but maybe I can send u a recap when I get home.

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  3. Hi Mary! Your trip sounds wonderful and I would love to include stories on my site! I will email you to discuss further. Oh – and Sue (Sheldon) Brooks and I will be in Tuscany the middle two weeks of October! 🙂

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