Testing, testing

Why haven’t I written in such a long time? Well, when I switched from my old desktop computer to this laptop, the appearance of the page where I write was distorted. I’d be typing along, then the letters would disappear off to the right and I couldn’t tell if I’d made a mistake without toggling back and forth from the posting page to a draft on the actual site. Very annoying.

So, I changed the setting for my computer screen and it’s now working great. The only problem is that the font is quite tiny. Another challenge, but still preferable to what I was dealing with before. I think I know where to go to increase the font size on the computer.

There have been any number of times when I’ve felt like writing, but didn’t because of the screen problem. Now that I have that solved, I can’t think of anything in particular I want to say.

Well, here’s something. For quite some time I’ve thought about freelance copy writing and travel writing as a direction I’d like to go as I get closer to an age where I could at least semi-retire. I’m still interested in the copy writing as a way to generate income, but I’m not so sure about travel writing anymore.

I thought about the times I’ve been overseas and almost fanatical about catching everything with my camera. I’ve been so busy lining up shots, have I been missing just experiencing the moment? I think that certainly has been the case on many occasions.

So, if I’m taking photos AND jotting down notes and trying to think of story angles, again – am I truly enjoying and immersing myself in my surroundings?Am I more of an observer than a participant?

Travel is such a joy for me, such a passion. Do I really need to record it all in words and pictures, for fear I’ll forget the experience? Or, to attempt to sell pieces of that experience to others in story form?

Maybe my next trip will just be for me; for the experience of the moment, and the memories that stay with me. No one else wants to see my endless photos, or expects an accurate blow-by-blow account of what I did. I can take a few shots of the spots that really sing to me.

And if later I can’t close my eyes and clearly picture a certain place or remember a special time, then maybe that particular moment wasn’t one for the scrapbook, anyway.

One thought on “Testing, testing

  1. No kidding. We just spent a week in the Smokey Mountains and I was obsessed with catching the perfect photo. Every waterfall, every droplet, each pile of green beyond green moss, each kids expressing their personality as they became acquainted with some part of nature. Downloading the photos each night before nodding off into the deepest slumber. I thought the same thing. Why am I doing this?

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